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There are some amazing conversations popping up all over Yammer, but there’s no way to keep track of them all. Here are a few highlights that we’ve picked out. You can click to reveal the comment chain and join the conversation.

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Delivering performance optimisation.

Over the last five years, our Performance Group has been running a BMS optimisation programme with the University of Oxford. The initiative included a comprehensive assessment and review of how some of the university’s most energy hungry buildings are being operated…




Consultations: should we have a centralised approach?

Should we have a place to post relevant consultations our people spot; to collect responses internally; to give a basis from which to collate/consolidate our response prior to replying to the body seeking input?

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Our climate emergency challenge - Calculate your carbon footprint.

As a firm, we’re in the process of creating an action plan in light of the climate emergency. However, there’s also a great deal that we as individuals can do.

In the Sustainability team, we ‘re asking everyone to calculate your carbon footprint using the WWF’s carbon calculator. Share the results with us on Twitter via @Hoarelea, #carbonfootprint, #movethedate or below and declare the actions you’ll take over the next year to reduce your carbon footprint.