Us at our best.
The awards.

We are launching a firm-wide award scheme.

As part of our rebrand last year, we defined our firm’s four key values. 'Us at our best' is all about promoting these values (and accompanying behaviours), to raise awareness of them across our firm.

The awards will allow us all to celebrate those of you who embrace and embody these values in what you do.

There are four values and as such, there are four award categories:

Personal commitment.

The award for the individual who has gone above and beyond.

Courageous collaboration.

The team award for overcoming adversity.



The award for best lightbulb moment.

Pride in performance.

The unsung hero award.

You will have a chance to nominate people across the four award categories, with prizes for the winners of each category.

Nominations are open from 4 to 30 September.

All the information you need is available on the awards page on Hive, including rules, our values booklet and the nomination form.