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Interactive energy map

Our Performance group now has all the latest DEC data (includes kWh/m2) for the UK available in an interactive map. Some suggested uses include:

- Giving clients an indication of the range that a new building’s energy demand / CO2 emissions / energy costs could be expected to be. - A source of expected energy demand info for building log books. - General benchmarking of buildings to get a quick estimate on how their energy efficiency compares to similar buildings. - Useful data for checking utilities applications calculations (estimated annual electricity / gas demand).

How else do you think this information could be used?

New designs

As part of our ongoing support for Article 25, we’re pleased to share the new library design for Kao La Amani Children's Village in Kilimanjaro.


John Lloyd and Nick Cullen are leading a team on a BEIS-funded innovation programme project called SMETER. The goal is to utilise Smart Meter data to measure heat loss in homes and look to improve the heating efficiency and do so and unobtrusively, without disrupting residents. If you have contacts with domestic builders, housing associations, large housing developers or large domestic landlords, please drop John Lloyd a line.

Business development from home

Russel Greenwood, Ian Cowley, Ashley Bateson, James Ford, Jon Nuttall, and Tom Smith have been delivering CPD discussions to key clients on our Net Zero Carbon service whilst WFH.

What inspires you?

Dominic Meyrick recently contributed to DesignCurial where he spoke about artwork that has inspired him and influenced his work and career. Read the full article.

Home sweet office

Chris Rush recently presented to Argent on the topic of Air Quality. They took a focused look at Indoor Air Quality and the work that we are undertaking into how this can be harnessed in the office environment.

A digital attendance

In March, we were part of Autodesk 3Ds Max’s webinar. We were joined by Ubisoft, and Scanline VFX do discuss 3D modelling and animation software.

Boosting energy efficiency for SMEs

The Government’s ‘Boosting Access for SMEs to Energy Efficiency’ (BASEE) competition funds the development of new business models designed to support companies to improve their energy efficiency. Nick Cullen’s scheme has been awarded Phase 2 funding. Read more on this story.


Gavin Rowe has achieved CEng via the IET

Jayant Parbat has achieved EngTech via the IET

Dan Hiscocks has achieved EngTech and is now a Licentiate member of CIBSE

Benny Pygott and Emma Rigler have both completed their ‘odour acuity testing’; which means they have the ideal range of acuity to detect odour. They are now able to provide ‘sniff tests’, which involves determining the intensity, frequency, duration and offensiveness of odours while on site.

While there are scientific multi-tool odour assessments, our perception of odours is ultimately subjective, which is where our sniff testers can be helpful. Get in touch with Chris Rush in the Air Quality team if you need the services of our odour acuity testers.

Roger Macklin has become a Fellow of CIBSE, the most senior grade of membership. In other CIBSE-related news, Eimear Moloney has been invited to join its Knowledge Management Committee, while Keith Horsley has been invited to join the CIBSE Knowledge Generation Panel.

Designing the Future: Later living

Bournemouth recently hosted their Designing the Future: later living reimagined event at The Ned, London.


The Key Worker Accommodation Scheme at Diana Princess of Wales hospital won Project of the Year at the Government Property Awards.

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