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Climate Crisis | Environment | Sustainability


Global climate strike

Humanity is facing its biggest threat - rise in global temperatures, rise in sea levels, melting ice sheets, flooding, extreme weather, decreased snow cover, glacial retreat, ocean acidification... the list never ends. More than 26,500 of the world's species are threatened with extinction, and that number will continue to rise. We are in the middle of the 6th mass extinction on earth.

Humans are experiencing an atmosphere we have never experienced in the history of our existence. Our planet needs us to act now! You are our last hope. Please do not sit back and let our future be taken away from us.



Shared Parental Leave in the UK

I think this article nicely sums up the current situation with shared parental leave in the UK. Does it resonate with you?


Digital Innovation


Tech envy!

Digital Innovation has previously promoted the idea of setting up similar provision to support model review, training, design sprints, hackathons etc. We got as far as trialling smart boards. Had some great feedback but failed to make the case.