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The award for the best lightbulb moment.

This award recognises those who have come up with an exciting innovative idea or different way of working. They may have developed a new tool or found a solution that unlocked a challenge or solved a problem. They have shown how, what, where and when the lightbulb moment happened, and the positive impact that has come from it.

The shortlist:




Acoustics and Lighting (CGI)

During a meeting the idea came about to combine acoustic auralisations with 3D visuals in a VR environment as an interactive demonstration tool. Using The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Michael was able to simulate what would be heard from specifically selected seating points in the concert hall under different performance scenarios. The CGI team used the existing Revit model to create a VR version of the concert hall, including different lighting scenarios. The combination is a VR environment with 3D spatial audio, reacting to the user’s head movements. We were able to adapt this technology to help us win the Edinburgh Arena project, as we could demonstrate different possibilities and outcomes.


“Reacting to their head movements, users can experience how performances in the space would sound and how the lighting would appear from the selected seats in the space. This application of technology and the passion of our people positively influenced our appointment for MEP, Sustainability and Acoustics and a £1.89m of fees for the firm.”



Principal Fire Engineer

Following the Fire team's review of the Engagement Survey, it was apparent that many felt stressed, with insufficient headspace to think and innovate. Johan responded by proposing a ‘research day’, where people can schedule a whole day where they switch off work emails, don’t take phone calls, don’t go to meetings and don’t work on deliverables. The day is solely for reading, learning, thinking. Johan presented the idea to the senior team and it has been a huge success, with many of the Fire team across the firm utilising their research day.


“Interesting topics are discussed, knowledge is shared, and people seem more inspired and in a positive spirit. This is the culture we aim to have. Johan’s ‘simple’ idea has already had a massive positive impact and will continue to do so.”



Associate, Lighting

Karam discovered the ‘Matterport 3D camera’ a couple of years ago, while it was being presented as a residential sales tool. He saw the potential for adapting the system for our industry: capturing 360⁰, photo-realistic images of a space, which could then be uploaded – and subsequently explored – on the cloud. He personally trialled and demonstrated the kit in all of our UK offices. When the system was rolled out onto live projects, Karam attended the site visits to give guidance on how to get the best out of the kit. There are now three Matterport cameras available around the firm, 200 project spaces captured, and over 6500 visits by project team members accessing the captured data.


“Karam immediately recognised the value in making 3D capture capabilities easily accessible to all; and for specifically using the new technology within the firm for capturing both high-res imagery and 3D data when visiting large or complicated sites/ locations for projects.”

The longlist:

Amo Athwal, Birju Patel, Don Court, Harry Wills, Jared Linden, Nkosi Kupe, Oliver Woods, Phil Argile

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