In memory of Sue Fagan.

By Neil Roberts

Sue, Mrs F, Big Sue, Auntie Sue, wise counsel, second mum and big sister, raconteur, big hearted friend, ‘faithful gooner’, sharp witted and tongued, clever, charming, kind, strong minded and stubborn, fabulous fun, heart and soul of Hoare Lea for so many years. She was many things to many people, but she was certainly never ever boring or bland or conformist. She had that rare ability, that few have, to really connect with people from all walks of life where even a small everyday encounter with Sue would make you feel a little lighter, a little happier and a little warmer. She was a joy giver. What she could also ‘give’ was one of her looks (withering, challenging, or full of mischievous humour) or one of her verbal retorts or witty comebacks – all done with a twinkle in her eye. As London office receptionist in the early years she was the first person many of us saw or met and her charm and wit made a lasting impression on everyone. She then moved into accounts where her sharp mind was employed to greater effect and sometimes her sharp pencil wielded if you crossed her in mid flow. Many of us will all have a cherished memory of Sue, either from the early years (there is a small chance this might involve a pub or two…) or the latter (slightly more mellow) years. She will be greatly missed.