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Are you taking a break?

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What's your primary place of work?

Almost everyone avoids the trade-off of a longer lunch break for earlier start or later finish. We saw in a previous survey that people prefer to arrive early and leave early, so there’s a strong likelihood that lots of us are trimming our lunch break so that we can leave work a bit sooner.

Of course, there’s another explanation for the shorter lunch breaks, which is that people feel that they don’t have time. If our workloads become particularly heavy, it makes sense to cut down time away from our desks. Right?

Well… actually no.

There’s mounting evidence to show how our productivity trails off if we don’t take breaks throughout the day. So the ‘pay-off’ from taking a break can be incredibly effective for both your wellbeing, alertness, and productivity.

Taking a break helps you refocus and reprioritise. So if you’ve got lots to do and a looming deadline, don’t be afraid to take a well-earned break.

It's not easy being green (but it helps):

Research shows that exposure to nature may boost superior decision-making which includes better foresight. Exposure to natural environments also strengthens attention and may even help strengthen memory.”

So if you’ve got tricky decisions to work through, get outside… and hug a tree (or if that’s too much, you could at least high-five a fern).

Do the right thing
Hopefully this has convinced you about the importance of taking a break. Not only will it improve the quality of your work, you’ll be happier and healthier.

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