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Bristol office’s annual ‘egg-streme games’ returned in April, with teams taking part in a bake sale, an egg and spoon race, and Easter egg hunt, as well as a competition to parachute an egg out of the first-floor window. They raised £173 for the office’s chosen charity Southern Brooks.


James Cooper is teaming up with Hoare Lea alumnus Stephen Lloyd to take part in the Mongol Rally, which involves teams driving cars with engines no larger than 1.2 litres from Prague, Czech Republic to Ulan Ude, Russia. James is raising money for Cool Earth and you can find the donation page here. They’ll be setting off on 21 July.


Lynette Dry and Jo Drane recently completed a 10k run at Moors Valley Country Park in Association with Dorset Youth Marching Band, while Matt Lewis completed the Lymington 10k run, which was in support of RNLI.


Saskia Kantorowicz represented Great Britain at the 2019 European Beach Ultimate Frisbee Championships, which ran from 6-11 May in Portugal. Saskia competed with the mixed gender team and took home a third-place finish and a bronze medal. She was also the team’s top goal scorer! You can relive their victory over Portugal to claim third-place here.


Our Plymouth office has started up a series of ‘bike nights’, where they can bring along family and friends for a pootle up Plym Valley and Drake’s Trail. The first session included a buggy-towing tandem and a stop at the pub for some cider.

Our Bournemouth office have also started up their own regular after work bike rides, with the whole pack rocking a blue colour scheme.


The latest London sketch meet had our artists designing all sorts of geometric patterns. They started off creating a tile, using basic shapes and connections, then repeating the tile four times to create a pattern; this could be done by rotation, mirroring etc. If you’re in the London office this is a great therapeutic activity to get involved with.


Members of our Sustainability group took part in a team-building event that involved working in pairs to build a stack of crates underneath themselves. They had to trust their teammates to hold the ropes when the stacks inevitably came crashing down.


Our Plymouth office works closely with the RNLI, whose volunteer lifeboat crews are on-call 24-hours a day, every day, to save lives at sea. They jumped at the chance to fundraise for the charity as part of its ‘yellow-themed’ Mayday month...

Lead by Hannah Bladon, they had a full day of events, including a bake sale, guess the number of sweets in a jar, dress down day (yellow/nautical theme) and a sea swim. (For those of you who haven’t visited the Plymouth office, yes, there really is a beach just yards from the office.) As well as raising £170, the highlight of the day was the opportunity to ‘sponge a partner’, and thanks to Karl Friedrich being such a good sport, this activity proved the be the most popular by far. Jerry Barnes eventually stepped in to protect his fellow partner by hurling the sponges back at the throwers.


In September, Louise Wille will be cycling 570km across Western Tanzania, with the goal of finishing at the Child Support Tanzania inclusive pre-school for children with disabilities. This is a school designed by Article 25.

Article 25 is a humanitarian architecture charity we work closely with on building projects that improve health, livelihoods and resilience to disasters in places like Nepal, Myanmar, Haiti and Tanzania.

Click here if you’d like to donate to this endeavour.


Our Head of Workplace Saul Tyler joined the #CycletoCopenhagen challenge. Along with a team of cyclists he covered 300 miles over three days - all in support of this year's conference's charity, Mind. You can find out more about the cause here.


After training hard for the London Marathon and the Bath Half, Matt Partridge and Nathalia Harris in the Marketing team saw the fruits of their labour, with both successfully completing their respective events.

Matt raised £2,349 for the charity Shelter, pushing himself to the finish despite a leg injury. Nat’s completion of the Bath Half was her fourth half marathon in nine months, which she ran to raise £1,200 and awareness for ME (myalgic encephalomyelitis) on behalf of her friend Caroline.


Leeds hosted an ‘Office Olympics’, which included Wii tennis, table football, and a quiz.


A team from our London office took part in Grosvenor's annual Dragon Boat Regatta, contributing to the £48,000 raised for Doorstep Library. The charity trains volunteers to go into some of the most disadvantaged areas in London to help introduce children from ages 1 to 11 to the pleasure of reading.


Graham Trood from our Intelligent Buildings group joined two other riders as part of The Angelman Rally, which saw the team of three ride motorcycles from London, through France, Italy and on to Mt Etna in Sicily, to raise as much awareness and money as possible for AngelmanUK.

Angelman Syndrome is a rare neurological disorder with characteristics including delayed development, severe learning difficulties, little or no speech, and issues with movement and balance.

Graham and co. have already raised more than £4000, with the number still rising. The 18-day trip brought plenty of trials and tribulations, including the most rain in Italy for 50 years; an open pocket ejecting driving licenses, bank cards and cash at 85mph, a crash, a hole in an engine casing and a stranded support car. Mt Etna also had an underground explosion whilst en-route, which turned into a full-on eruption just after they finished.

Despite all of this, Graham assures us he had an amazing experience. You can find the fundraising website here.


Our annual Muddy Bike Hike is fast approaching. If you weren't already aware, this summer people from across three offices will be undertaking a 25+ mile hike, a 170-mile cycle and a bout of electrocution and ice baths as part of a Tough Mudder. Training has been intense (or non-existent for some who shan’t be named), but it is all in aid of raising money for the new Bereavement Centre at Birmingham Women's and Children's Hospital.

Any donations are very welcome.


Our Glasgow office held various events throughout Mental Health Awareness Week to get people talking and taking time out. They had a fitness session with all proceeds going to MIND, as well as a coffee and catch-up morning – raising more than £176 along with others in the building.


Our Bournemouth office has brought in two new recycling opportunities to the office: food waste (fruit waste and teabags) and used crisp packets. They’ll also introducing a wormery where the food waste will be deposited.