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Classic example of the blame game in action. Grenfell Tower refurb architect Studio E questioning the competence of the expert architect as part of its opening pitch! Bring on collaboration, team working, value, public good......



I just booked a return flight to the US, and used Lufthansa's carbon offsetting partner MyClimate to "Carbon Offset" my flights. The cost of the carbon offset was £13, compared to the cost of flying economy ~£750. This works out at an additional spends of just 1.73%.

Does anyone else have experience with carbon offsetting their travel? The price seemed a little low!?

Their FAQ's say that the kerosene produces 3.15 tonnes of CO2 for every tonne of fuel burnt. My flight distance is approximately 11,800km, equating to approximately 0.718t CO2. This suggests that flying (economy in a Boeing 757) the cost per Tonne of CO2 is £18.10, and that the cost per 1000km flown is £1.10.

Does my responsibility end once I offset my carbon emissions from the fuel, or should I also be looking at offset the embodied carbon of the plane etc, or the emissions associated with other consumables on the flight, or is that the airline's responsibility?

Any thoughts welcome.



I was forwarded this from Tom Murphy...