Us at our best:
the awards.
Did you nominate someone?

2019 was the inaugural year for our firm’s internal awards, rooted in our values. We want to know what we could do better this year.

Did you nominate someone?

We had 107 nominations in total, made up of 75 individual people who submitted nominations.

On November 2019 the firm was made up of 966 people (employees and partners), which means that 8% of the firm submitted a nomination.

This is actually really positive and definitely exceeded our expectations, especially since we’d never done something like this before.

But is 8% enough when it comes to celebrating success? We’re interested to see what we could do this year to get more of you involved.

Here’s what people who didn’t nominate said discouraged them:

Timeframe for nominations was quite short:

We can look to open up nominations a bit earlier to give people enough time to reflect and submit a nomination.

Not the place of a partner to nominate:

We want to encourage everyone to get involved, from every level of the firm, partners included!

Not enough encouragement from leaders:

This probably links to the point above. The more support and encouragement our leaders give, the more people are likely to get involved.

Here’s what people who did nominate thought could be better next year:

More categories:

As the awards are directly tied to our four values we want to keep it to four clear categories but we’ll look at clarifying the criteria so it’s clear how anyone can fit into at least one category.

Better visibility of who was choosing the winners:

We’ll look into this for this year. The judging panel for the 2019 awards was made up of Gary Tucker, Laurence Johnson, Erica Coombs-Prole, Andy Warrack and Charlotte Thurston.

Nominees should be able to find out who nominated them:

They can! In order to preserve anonymity, we didn’t automatically tell everyone who received a nomination who it was. However, on the nomination form there was an option to say if you were happy for nominees to know who had nominated them. So, if anyone asks, and the nominator has given consent, we’ll share the information.

And next…
How do you feel about the future?

This month we hosted our national Designing the Future event at the Royal Institution in London.

Broadcast live to our offices, the event featured a series of interactive Christmas-lectures-style talks followed by conversation and debate. Together, we explored possibilities, challenged conventions, asked questions and sparked a conversation about where we are heading.

But do we feel optimistic or pessimistic about our future? What do you think we can do about it?