Engagement survey.
Firm-wide results.

We’ve had a chance to analyse this year’s engagement survey and are delighted to be able to share the results.

Here are some key things to take away:

Our overall score has increased from 66% to 69%.

The main areas we wanted to focus on based on last year’s results have all seen significant improvements, including ‘attention’, ‘control’ and ‘headspace’.

There’s a drop in people having the perceived knowledge to do their roles (i.e. the right information to do their work).

People would also like more appreciation for the work they do, including better communication and feedback from managers.

Flexitime was introduced on the back of previous results and has been a big success.

Things people want to change for the better:

Resource and time allocation.

Feedback and communication between and inside teams, as well as firm-wide from senior level people.

More time for training and development.

More diverse leadership.

Commitment to sustainability.

The main initiatives we’re rolling out to address this:

Employee wellbeing programme, including acting on the results of the Mind Wellbeing Index.

Management development programme to help facilitate better communication between and inside teams.

Further training and development opportunities

Review of our current benefits offering.

Improving our diversity and inclusion strategy.

A climate action plan.

Results will also be broken down by cost-centre and by team, so you will be able to discuss these at a local level.